Where We Do It

We started making parts in 1972, and as others outsourced critical aspects for their business, we chose to invest in ours at home because we never take our eyes off of quality and safety. As an independently owned US manufacturer that has always concentrated its resources under one roof, we are optimized for speed to market and specialize in creating customer solutions that win business.

From innovation to commercialization, we drive complexity out of the equation so that your big reveal arrives in time for the new model year. We can design and validate your concept fast and efficiently compared to suppliers that send the work out and lose sight on the process.

We do it by maintaining direct control over every part we design, build, and ship thanks to in-house engineering, manufacturing, molding, stamping, assembly, testing, tooling prototyping and inspection. Nothing escapes our attention.

Complete visibility from prototype to production, answers when you need them and the ability to make the modifications that make it your own—it makes us different, and it makes your products distinctive.

Learn more about our vertical integration and our in-house capabilities at our Streetsboro, Ohio facility!

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