A controller is what you could call the “Brains” of your equipment. As a “mini-computer,” a controller is comprised of hardware (a circuit board) with software that collects and receives data to control and deliver information.

Delta Systems' controllers provide the “smarts” for your equipment and include features such as:

  • Basic Interlock functions
  • CAN SAE-J1939 protocol for Diagnostics
  • IP67 rating, giving them high performance and reliability
  • Highly flexible & customizable platform

Each controller is designed to optimize the OEM application by reducing wiring, connectors, relays and fuses. The added benefit being reduced costs, maintenance and field support. Our platform controllers provide flexible integration making vehicles more functional, efficient and reliable. They can be used as stand-alone controllers, or for integrating into a CAN network with other devices. With increased I/O parameters, they can be easily integrated into Gas, Diesel and Electric engine vehicles as well as a message center/display or a CAN-bus display. 

Bluetooth functionality can be added as well as wired SAE-J1939 standards and CAN communication for diagnostic monitoring and paired with an app.


  • Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agriculture and farm machinery
  • Power Sport Vehicles
  • Material handling