Delta Systems introduces Delta Blue Technology™: the Bluetooth innovation that’s redefining OPE

Delta Blue Technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to wirelessly connect smart devices directly to any equipment that utilizes specific Delta Systems modules and controllers. The technology not only allows equipment to broadcast real-time diagnostic information, but it also provides the ability to control machine actions–like shutdown and startup–from any BLE-enabled device. Currently, Delta Blue Technology can be added to most of the company’s electronic product offerings.

Delta Blue Technology is already making waves in the OPE industry. One of Delta System’s major customers is debuting the technology on several models this spring. “We’re excited to acknowledge that a mobile app powered by Delta Blue Technology was named as a finalist for the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards at this year’s International CES," said Spencer Allemang, Product Marketing Engineer at Delta Systems. The app enables owners to access information about oil changes, blade maintenance, air filter replacements and track key mechanical vitals over the life of their lawn tractor or zero-turn mower.

“This technology has the power to change the OPE landscape. With uses beyond consumer-facing apps such as fleet management and generator monitoring & control, we’re bringing innovations to the OPE market that are must-haves for the next generation of consumers,” said Allemang. “By connecting products with Delta Blue Technology, manufactures can offer disruptive and expandable functionality within their existing markets,” said Advanced Technology Manager Tony Nohra.

The company is in the process of rolling out Delta Blue Technology across their entire product line. “In addition to remote diagnostics, data mining, and market intelligence, Delta Blue Technology enables a competitive advantage and smart presence in the new, connected world,” added Nohra.

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