Delta Systems Releases Sealed Power Take-Off Switch for Reliability, Safety

STREETSBORO, Ohio — Delta Systems Inc. has released its new Sealed Universal Power Take-Off switch for the outdoor power equipment market, designed to help provide a dependable and safe experience for ride-on mower operators.

The sealed, push/pull switch offers reliability and ensures longer part life when compared with non-sealed parts. Protected from the elements, the Sealed Power Take-Off (PTO) switch keeps out grass, dirt, water, oil and other contaminants that reduce switch life. With an IP67 rating, this Delta switch is dust-tight and protects against water ingress.

The PTO switch is a critical safety device developed to prevent unintentional blade actuation of lawn equipment. This switch is part of a series of controls that comprise a mower’s safety interlock system, requiring riders to use proper procedure when operating machinery.

“Many of our customers are moving toward fully sealed systems for their mowers because people expect this equipment to perform, no matter what the conditions,” said Tony Aboumrad, Delta Vice President of Engineering. “It’s where the market is headed, and Delta is leading the way with our new sealed designs.”

The Sealed Universal PTO switch is expertly engineered and features:

  • A rugged, compact housing that is highly resistant to shock and vibration
  • Universal application from 10mA to 10Amps
  • A push/pull design that protects against inadvertent actuation
  • User-friendly and ergonomic styling
  • Full autonomy, with no need for a controller
  • A three-year warranty
  • U.S.-made quality

The Delta Sealed Universal PTO switch is not only applicable to mowing equipment, but can also be used in light agricultural machinery, construction equipment and material-handling units. The new Sealed PTO switch is currently in production and currently available to OPE manufacturers.


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