Pass-Through Module with Delta Blue Technology™

The definition of ‘Plug & Play’

For the Outdoor Power Equipment market, we’ve designed and engineered an easy-to-install module that resides under the dash of a riding lawn tractor that connects to Delta’s key switches. This “Plug & Play” device tracks the number of hours the engine has been operated and connects to any Bluetooth® Low Energy compatible devices. Communicating to a mobile app, it stores and relays hours and voltage output.

This great little design allows for an aftermarket play or manufacture install by inserting between an existing ignition switch and its harness. And with an ingress protection of IP67, it’s protected from nature’s elements.


  • Retains hours accumulated by an engine or engine-driven piece of equipment via a pass-through module installed between an existing ignition switch and its harness.
  • Hour collection happens when the engine is running.
  • Can transmit total accumulated hours and the approximate voltage of the system battery.
  • Simple design
  • Universal
  • Plug & Play, DIY installation, and factory installable
  • Protected from environment in dash
  • Works with Delta key switches
  • Future proof with any manufacturer using Delta key switches

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