Delta Blue Technology™ Module for Generator

Information & Control

Featuring Delta Blue Technology™, this versatile module (designed in this application for generators) uses Bluetooth® technology to collect and translate sensor data into wireless signals, allowing operators to conveniently monitor and control their equipment from mobile smart devices.

The Bluetooth module monitors the generator’s fuel level, generated voltage and run time, then transmits the data to a Bluetooth Low Energy mobile device. An App running on the remote mobile device calculates and displays several useful parameters about the generator’s performance and its maintenance schedule. It also analyzes the received data and presents the user with useful information regarding the generator’s current state and mode of operation.

Depending on the information available and sensors included, Delta can provide levels of information from Basic, Fully functional and Fleet. This technology provides the ability to broadcast real-time diagnostic information and the ability to control machine functionality, such as remote shutdown or start up with compatible hardware.

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