Safety Logic Controllers

Delta Systems' Safety Logic Controllers are a Bluetooth-capable, modular device that allows both connectivity and customization. This solution offers:

  • Interlock logic
  • SAE-J1939 protocol for Diagnostics
  • Bluetooth Low Energy to a Mobile device
  • IP67 rating

Offering the option of CAN or Bluetooth is the most complete solution for OEMs desiring as much information as possible with the easiest way of retrieving diagnostic data from their equipment. Desired features are anything that could be measured by a controller. Those features could include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

  • Arms position Sensing
  • Battery Voltage
  • Deck Lift Switch 
  • Deck Lift Relay
  • Diagnostic LED Out
  • Engine Oil Pressure Sensor or Switch 
  • Engine Temperature Sensor or Switch 
  • Engine Speed/RPM
  • Fuel Solenoid Control
  • Fuel Level Sense
  • Glow Plug Out
  • Key Start Switch 
  • Key Switch 
  • Magneto
  • Magneto Engine Kill Out
  • Neutral 
  • Out of Seat Switch Kill 
  • Park Brake 
  • PTO Hour Meter
  • PTO Clutch Coil 
  • PTO Current Sensing
  • PTO ON/OFF Sensing
  • Seat Switch 
  • Starter Control 
  • SAE-J1939
  • Communication
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 

Delta Systems' Safety Logic Controllers with CAN and optional Bluetooth give operators the control and a great chance to advance technology in the outdoor power equipment industry and provide vital diagnostic information for the end user or dealer.

These controllers offer a high level of logic without the need for complex switching done currently through expensive harness runs and installations.

With the growing number of EFI engines and complex systems and displays, it is important to mechanics and maintenance technicians to have access to critical information about their units to keep them running.

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