Momentary Switches

These Delta Systems switches are available in nut mount or snap-in versions, and both have an easy, one-step connector for quick hookup to the wiring harness. Snap-in models have a bezel that can include molded or printed graphics and can be customized to match your panel. Snap-in models require no mounting hardware - the wing flaps snap directly into the dash panel.


Product Specifications

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Part NumberTypeMounting StylePolesThrows/PoleTermination Specs.
7152-07MiniSnap-In12(3) 72" Stripped Leads1
7162-01MiniScrew Mount2 (Dual Switch)2(3) 24" Leads, (3) 22.5" Leads All /w Deutsch 1060-16-0122 Terminals1
7100-07LargeNut Mount12(3) 11" Stripped Leads1
7100-17LargeNut Mount12(3) 10" Leads with TE Connectivity 282109-1 Terminals1


Various accessories are offered to pair with Delta's electromechanical switches, and they can be purchased directly from Delta Systems.

Packard connectors and terminals can be purchased from or

Please note that there are three connector colors available: black, gray, and olive. The connector part numbers that include an “A” in the part numbering system are designed for high temperature applications with an operating temperature range of -30º F to 185º F (-34º C to 85º C).