Delta Blue TechnologyTM

A first of its kind technology in the Lawn & Garden and recreational marketplace, Delta Blue TechnologyTM has the ability to bring connected features to the The Green Industry.

The Challenge

Landscape contractors as well as residential home owners, have no means to track the time use of their entire fleet of power equipment, especially handheld tools.

The Idea

Create a hardware and software platform that requires no interaction by the user of the landscape equipment while the owner or maintenance manager can enjoy a 360° view of their equipment needs and location in real time.

The Solution


The YardLink concept is designed in such a way that, after the initial setup, it requires little to no interaction by the equipment user. Delta accomplishes this by utilizing motion-sensing hardware that “turns on” the device when it senses that the engine or motor is operating. It then begins to accumulate hours similar to traditional technologies that keep track of run time. And, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to conserve battery life, it transmits this data to a smart device running The Edge mobile application.

The Edge app takes the streaming information from the YardLink and presents it to the user in meaningful ways. The app has the capability to track, via hours, when the equipment should serviced next and can notify someone back at the office to schedule, for example, an oil change at the end of the day.

Additionally, utilizing the smart device’s onboard capabilities, equipment location can be tracked to specific job sites letting owners know that jobs are getting done on time. Need a manual, how to video, or a Dealer for service? It’s just a touch away.

Isn't it time you take control of your productivity and equipment health for extended life and more money in your pocket?

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