Advanced Displays

Delta Systems' Advanced Displays follow in the footsteps of the core concepts of all Delta products: they are both rugged and reliable. All products in the Advanced Displays family are sealed from environmental hazards and can be modified to fit specific applications.


Display Description
2" Round DisplayThe 2” Round Display has the ability to display much more than just hours. These displays have been used in applications ranging from large, two-digit slope displays to multi-function gauges displaying engine temperature bar segments, hour meter, and warning icons all in one IP67-sealed package.
4" Round DisplaySimilar to the 2” Round Display with approximately twice the area of LCD space, the 4” Round Display gives the customer the option to use larger characters for readability at further distances or to cluster more information into one display.
5" Round DisplayThe 5” Round Display is similar to the 4” Round Display but offers increased viewable LCD space to display larger segments or more information.
Custom DisplaysCustom specifications.