Delta’s testing laboratories are vertically integrated into the engineering, design and innovation processes.  By providing accurate data, in a timely manner, we can make sound engineering decisions, support our manufacturing processes and ensure the highest quality of all our products.

To be assured that our products operate reliably in the most challenging environments, Delta maintains Environmental, Electrical and Product Integration testing laboratories all adhering to industry established reliability and testing standards. Our testing capabilities include:


HALT and HASS are accelerated stress product testing techniques. This type of testing simulates the long-term use of products; this ensures the durability of every product we create.

Environmental Testing

Our environmental test lab exposes a product to various harsh conditions such as:  water ingress, salt fog, temperature extremes and vibration to ensure a robust product through its entire life.

Electronics Testing

Delta conducts an extensive array of electrical testing to ensure safety and functionality for our products. We expose our products to extreme voltage and current conditions along with various electronic simulations to ensure the sustained performance of our electrical circuits.

With our integrated, in-house testing facility and a relentless commitment to safety and robust designs our testing ensures improved product design, enhanced reliability and better quality while improving our time to market.